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Why Consult a Travel Doctor Before Travelling

Why Consult a Travel Doctor Before Travelling

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Are you planning to travel abroad? If so, then visiting a travel doctor must be part of your preparation. It is a smart choice to have yourself checked for any medical issues or pre-existing conditions that may be triggered by some factors abroad. Actually, there is a lot of benefits you can get when visiting travel clinics in Australia.

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What is a travel doctor?

A travel doctor is a medical practitioner who specialises in travel medicine. He or she knows different diseases and contagious illnesses that particularly exist in certain countries such as malaria, HIV, hay fever, tuberculosis, and the like.

The role of travel doctors is to assess you as an individual traveller, with or without pre-existing medical conditions, and to make sure that you are duly protected from any contagious illnesses that may be affecting your travel destination. In terms of payment, there is a lot clinics and even the Medicare system of Australia offering the services of a bulk billing DR.

Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Before You Travel

Seeing a travel doctor, as what most people thought of as an additional expense, has lots of benefits. Paying for their services isn’t a pain after all, especially if you have a medical insurance right from your pocket.

In fact, there are at least 3 major reasons why you should visit your travel clinic before you travel.

1 – Vaccinations

Vaccines highly depend on your personal health condition, where you will be travelling, what you will be doing during the trip, and how long will you be staying there. You travel doctor will generally assess you, verify your overall physical condition, your triggers if you have some allergies, as well as how you may react to seasonal changes.

During your visit, you will be given specific vaccines, though it is advised to do it at least six weeks before your flight, to have enough time to activate their efficacy.

2 – Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

In case you have maintenance medicines for certain pre-existing conditions, your travel doctor can give you extra tablets or a ready-to-go prescription whenever you need them during the trip.

Also, consulting a travel doctor before the trip can give you the advantage of having your condition documented, which is needed when applying for medical centre bulk billing programs and when applying for a travel insurance.

3 – Professional Advice

During a doctor’s visit in preparation for your trip, you will not be only given vaccines, but guidelines and tips on what to do when sick abroad. Depending on the severity of your illness, the travel doctor can also pre-determine whether it is safe for you to travel or not.

He or she will base the overall assessment on your age, health history and current health, vaccination history, travel destination and previously travelled places, the duration of your trip, the season and time of year, and the activities you will be doing during the trip.

Because of the extensive and thorough evaluation, you can ensure that you will have a safe and healthy trip abroad.